Two New Red Paintings Inspired by the Western Sky

There are some days when I happen to look up, just at the right time, to the Western sky and see red. These are two new Red paintings I just completed inspired by that moment I see red. These are also unique since I mounted them on three-inch-deep gallery wrapped canvases for a rather dramatic presentation.
Got a great spot for these in your home or office? Let me know if you’d like to add one or both to your collection!

"To: Points West" and "Go West", watercolor mounted on canvas, 18 x 18", $500/each.

“To: Points West” and “Go West”, watercolor mounted on canvas, 18 x 18″, $500/each.

Name Your Best Price Closeup: Snapshot 1, Number 5

Here’s a close up of Snapshot 1, Number 5. This is an abstract elemental of a Pacific Sunset with lots of great metallic highlights!
Don’t be shy… name your Best Price! See the blog post here for all of the details on my Name Your Best Price event.

"Pacific Sunset", 18x18" (unframed), $500.
“Pacific Sunset”, 18×18″ (unframed), $500.