Daniel Smith Continues Breaking My Heart…

As a followup to my last post about my crumbling love affair with Daniel Smith paints, I’m sad to say that Daniel Smith has definitely discontinued their entire acrylic paint line.  I’ve primarily used Daniel Smith acrylic paints (along with their watercolor paints) since the “beginning” for me over 10 years ago.  The last time I visited their website to order acrylic, I noticed all of them appearing on web pages that contained “discontinued” in the title.

My acrylic drawer filled with now obsolete Daniel Smith Acrylics.
My acrylic drawer filled with now obsolete Daniel Smith Acrylics.

Well, after a few emails to them, I was told they were discontinued, but they failed to respond with any additional info.  I couldn’t even find an official note from them to their customers and fans (lovers) to explain the what, why, when, etc.

I guess I could go on and on about my breaking heart, but seems I should just move on and start filling up my acrylic drawer with paints that are going to stay around!

Save the Date: My New Studio Opening on May 2, 2008!

Save the date for the official opening of my new studio:  Friday, May 2, 2008 from 5-9pm!

I’ll post more details in a few weeks, but know you can look forward to checking out my newly renovated working studio, view some fun new Elementals paintings in bright spring/summer colors and hopefully taste some wonderful refreshments provided by a baker/chocolatier who plans to open a shop right next to my studio!

Here are a few snapshots that I took this morning… still a bit hard to believe I’ll be moving in in less than a month now!

View: Standing in my studio looking out the entry door.

View: Looking into my studio from the entry door.

View: The building entrance for the Studios, opens onto Inca Street.