High Plein Air Painting in the Denver Golden Triangle Museum District….

I spent some quality time in the Golden Triangle Museum District over the weekend and today, looking around for the subject of my painting.  There is so much that shouted out “pick me, pick me!”, but I really was drawn to the Denver Central Library building from the southwest side.  I was really looking for some architecture (buildings) with lots of angles (elemental shapes) – the Central Library sure fits the bill.  Check out the reference photo that I’m thinking of using (I picked this out of over 120 photos I took!).

So, my plan was to paint my backwash layers over the weekend and work a bit onsite on Tuesday.  But, after struggling a bit with the size restrictions for this event (100 to 200 square inches, which gave me a 8×18″ paper canvas that I would mount on a 10×20″ stretched canvas), they expanded the size restriction up to 36×48″ today!  So, I’m now thinking of going back to an overall square format – of a bit larger size (maybe 24×24″?).

So, I don’t think I’ll be doing any onsite painting until later in the week… I’ll keep everyone posted, though.

View of the Denver Central Library from underneath the Denver Art Museum “pointy overhang”.