TBT: “Purple Day”

One of my all-time, most favorite paintings I’ve made is “Purple Day”. Finished back in 2005 and sold right here in Portland at the Art in the Pearl festival, I miss this painting every time I think of it.

As an artist, I have many of my own paintings that I rotate on my own walls at home and a few – maybe five – that I consider in my “permanent” collection… “Purple Day” would have been a fine addition to that collection!

“Purple Day”, watercolor, 18 x 18″, 2005. Fine art reproduction prints available at http://www.DavidCastleArt.com

Snapshot 1, Number 4: “Autumn Sunrise – Greenough, MT”

Today is the last day of my special spring cleaning sales event: Name Your Best Price!

Here’s a closeup of Snapshot 1, Number 4 which is really one of my favorites.  Awesome metallic coppers/golds, rich purples with just a hint of soft, grayish-green.  The coppers are really the hit of this painting, which is inspired by the sun rising at Paws Up Resort in Greenough, MT.  Name Your Best Price and it could be yours!

Visit my blog post here for all of the details on my Name Your Best Price sales event.

Snapshot 1, Number 4; "Autumn Sunrise - Greenough, MT", watercolor on paper (unframed), 16 x 21", regular price $500.
Snapshot 1, Number 4; “Autumn Sunrise – Greenough, MT”, watercolor on paper (unframed), 16 x 21″, regular price $500.

You Want a Piece of Me?

OK art peeps… you want a piece of me??

I’d love your help to introduce my art to your friends and contacts – anyplace and everyplace!  Here’s the deal.  Artists have been trading small pieces of art called Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) with each other for years.  But, I’d like to trade something different with you.  I have a large stack of ATCs (mini, original watercolors) ready to send out to you in trade for you sharing my art with your friends and contacts.

How and when? This Wednesday, 3/27, I’ll be announcing a special, “Name Your Best Price” spring cleaning sales event.  I’ll be posting details here on my blog, on my website and on my Facebook page.  I’ll send out an email and will even throw out a tweet about it!  All you do is forward it on and share it with everyone, encouraging them to check out my art, Like me on Facebook and sign up for my art email list.  Then just send me an email to tell me about your sharing, include your mailing address, and I’ll send you out an ATC.  I’ll include all of the sharing info and links in my posts on Wednesday, so watch for that.

I certainly appreciate all of my art friends and fans and hope you’ll be ready to trade a little sharing for a little art on Wednesday!

Elemental Tree painting ready to be chopped up for you!
Elemental Tree painting ready to be chopped up for you!
Painting pieces make great ATCs... easy to pop into a frame, too!  ATC size is 3.5 x 2.5 inches.
Painting pieces make great ATCs… easy to pop into a frame, too! ATC size is 3.5 x 2.5 inches.

Percolation Complete: My Word(s) for 2013

I’ve been percolating on my list of words for the new year long enough… I’ve actually known which one is the winner for awhile, but spent some time considering a secondary word to choose, too.  So, considering that 2012 was mostly spent focusing on projects other than my art (moving to Ohio, career researching, caring for my Uncle Jack), I think the perfect primary word for 2013 is: ESTABLISH.  This relates to everything I’ve been planning for my art in the new year… more about how as I progress!

I’ve also decided on a secondary word that relates more directly to the art I will be creating: METALLIC. Many of my fans and collectors know that I’ve used metallic watercolors (and gouache and acrylic) for years, but I really want to explore the range of subtle-to-saturate with purpose.  More on that as I progress, too!

Meanwhile, here’s a just-finished painting in my latest “panes” elementals with some great metallics.

David Castle, "Pyrrol Autumn", watercolor on paper (canvas-mounted), 12 x 12 inches, $250.
David Castle, “Pyrrol Autumn”, watercolor on paper (canvas-mounted), 12 x 12 inches, $250.

I’ve Never Done This Shape Before…

I have to say this one is pretty unique… I’ve never made a painting in this overall shape of 4 x 12 inches.  I’m not sure why, especially since I’ve had this stretched canvas hanging about my studio for at least 5 years.  I even painted the canvas scarlet years ago, but never made a watercolor painting to mount on it.  Until this week!

I really love this one – I have several projects in progress, but we’ll see if I go off on a tangent to paint more narrow rectangular ones.

Posted to my online DavidCastleArt shop here.  If you love copper and red, this one is for you!

"Five in a Row", watercolor mounted on stretched canvas, 4 x 12 inches, $95.
“Five in a Row”, watercolor mounted on stretched canvas, 4 x 12 inches, $95.