FREE Flapjacks: Come and Get ’em!

Denver Arts Week is November 6 – 14, 2009!  Lots of different events are planned, all kicking off with First Friday in Denver’s art districts.  This year’s theme is “Know Your Arts”.  So, I invite all of you to get to know MY art… with a FREE “flapjack” mini-painting!

Stacks of flapjacks!

What’s a “flapjack” and how can you get one?  Well, while creating some mini-sized paintings in my studio recently, I noticed that my stack of finished art looked like a stack of flapjacks – just the right size at 4 x 4 inches.  So, for my First Friday Open Studio (November 6th, 5-9pm), I’ll be painting flapjack art “to order” for my studio visitors (while “batter” supplies last).  So, come by my studio, pick a color or two and I’ll paint you a free flapjack… what a great way to get to know my art!  Click here for directions to my studio.

And for those of you not able to make it to my studio, I have 10 flapjacks ready to mail out to 10 lucky folks.  Just leave me a comment on this post by the end of Arts Week (November 14th).  On November 15th, I’ll RANDOMLY draw 10 winners from everyone that left a comment, and then contact each to get them mailed out (so be sure to enter your email address).  Here’s what one of my Facebook Fans had to say about my flapjacks:

“Flapjacks…what’s not to love? They’ve got fabulous texture, incredible color & awesome composition, the perfect piece of affordable art for your abstract art fans!” — Candy in California

I’ll also be selling additional flapjack original paintings for $20 each (or 3 for $50).  These are perfect for a mini-sized frame or I can also mount them on canvas for you for an additional $20 (my regular price for these mini paintings is $65!).