Once Again… Alex Grant to the Rescue

Well, here it is in all of its glory… my current basement studio space.  Rather dungeon-like, huh?

So, on days like today, when I’m more than a little distracted by my surroundings, I load up my iPod with music by my friend Alex Grant.  No matter what the painting “situation”, Alex’s music always calms me and gets my paint flowing again.  Thanks, Alex!

New Alex Grant Music!

Alex sent me an email last week that he now has new music on his film-scoring site here.  I listen to Alex Grant’s music in my studio ALL THE TIME.  Here’s what he said about his latest music:

“When Elephants Dream” was composed for a British documentary about elephants.  For part of the inspiration for this piece, I was thinking about the description of “Rosie” from the book “Water For Elephants”.  She apparently would smile when doing something mischievous!

Alex Grant
Alex Grant