My Arctic Circle Journey – Getting Outfitted

My Arctic Circle Expedition is still months away (I leave on September 28th, 2018), but I’m trying to take advantage of end-of-season sales to get myself better outfitted for the Arctic.

Some of you know me as the guy who wears shorts year-round (Denver, Columbus, Portland… doesn’t matter!). I’m usually warm, so I just don’t have much colder-weather gear in my closet. But, on a recent winter trip to Boise, I was reminded that I CAN actually get cold, so I need to be prepared for the Arctic by planning on more than shorts and tees for my wardrobe.

Trying on big, puffy jackets isn’t a whole lot of fun for me and I began to overheat in the snapshot below, but here I am hitting an end-of-season sale for warm outerwear that I just don’t have…

While technically an “mid layer”, I’m calling this a “puffy layer”…

3 thoughts on “My Arctic Circle Journey – Getting Outfitted

  1. HAWKINS March 28, 2018 / 11:16 am

    David, The reason I am following your Arctic Circle Expedition is I will be on the June 2019 Residency as a visual artist. Did you have help putting together your Kickstarter Campsign? Sandra

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    • davidcastleart March 29, 2018 / 8:22 am

      Hi Sandra – Congrats to you!
      I did put together my Kickstarter campaign myself. Before I launched Kickstarter, I informally surveyed (via an email) my art followers to see what level of pledges I might expect, so was fairly confident of success before I launched my campaign. I also networked with a couple of artists about their experience with Kickstarter, so that helped put mine together and understand the process better.
      Feel free to email me directly ( if you have more questions!

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