I’ve been getting ready for this coming First Friday… SUPER First Friday, that is, since November 4th kicks off Denver Arts Week!  I’ll be in my studio giving away art again this year as my way of helping folks get to know MY art (“Know Your Art” is the theme for Super First Friday).

So, here’s my stack ‘o flapjacks, with backwashes painted in all colors, ready for the first 50 guests to my studio.  If you come by, I’ll invite you to pick out your favorite color and I’ll finish it and mail it off to you in the coming weeks.  All for free!

Can’t come to my studio??  Be sure you “like” my FB art page and watch for me to give some away on FB this week.  Just visit my website and click on the “like” button at the bottom of my homepage and you’ll be set to get my FB updates!

Stack of Flapjacks ready to be given away on Super First Friday, November 4th in my studio!