Can’t Come to my Studio Tonight? 5 Free Flapjacks Right Here!

That’s right… especially for those not able to come by my studio event tonight, I have 5 free flapjacks to give to the first 5 folks leaving me a comment here on my blog!  I’ll then email you to get your mailing info and send one out to you as my way of introducing you to my art!

Various Flapjacks from my studio event during Denver Arts Week last year...

6 thoughts on “Can’t Come to my Studio Tonight? 5 Free Flapjacks Right Here!

  1. Helen David November 5, 2010 / 3:23 pm

    Love your work I would love to visit theUSA one day to visit and see it in real life unless I manage to get a flapjack!!! (would stilllove to visit tho)

  2. M November 6, 2010 / 12:42 am

    Love your work, especially your use of colour! And I do hope to see your work live one day!

  3. Karen November 6, 2010 / 2:22 am

    I can’t believe I am one of the first five! I would be thrilled to see you studio someday, and even better to watch you work!

  4. Julie Luca November 6, 2010 / 2:48 pm

    Love your work, I have one of your flap jacks and would love another to right beside it.
    Wish I could see more of your work in person but Alaska is a long ways away!
    thanks for sharing.

  5. Seth November 7, 2010 / 4:33 pm

    Looks like I am lucky #5. This is such a generous offer and I would love to have a second piece to match the one I already have. Thank you!

  6. William Charlebois November 7, 2010 / 8:58 pm

    To think I always thought flapjacks were something to eat. I have to say the colors are exquisite! I just saw a picture of your paintings in Seth’s blog today where he was posting studio pictures. I had to come over and see what your work is all about. Darn if that Seth didn’t beat me to #5. Oh well. He’s a good guy. Your work is beautiful!

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