Daily Special: ten/ten/ten!

As many of you know by now, my birthday falls on a particularly cool day this year: 10/10/10.  To celebrate, I’m having all kinds of art savings specials, including daily specials right here on my blog from 10/1 – 10/10.  Here’s the next special:  


“A Day in January”, watercolor (canvas-mounted), 30 x 30″. Regular price = $1,400; ten-ten-ten price = $500.

"A Day in January", watercolor (canvas-mounted), 30 x 30", regular price = $1,400; ten-ten-ten price = $500.


2 thoughts on “Daily Special: ten/ten/ten!

  1. Liz October 12, 2010 / 4:13 am

    I found your art through Daniel Smith. You are wonderful!!!! I started painting 3-4 years ago and am hooked. My art teacher is a realistic painter but I have slowing emerged into a more expressionistic/abstract artist. I love learning new techniques and many times copy other artists to get a better understanding. I love your technique but am trying to figure out how you do it, freehand or do you cut up the paper and then attach it to the canvas? It is so fabulosa!!! I loved your idea of “flapjacks”. Keep on painting!

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