Daily Special: ten/five/ten

As many of you know by now, my birthday falls on a particularly cool day this year: 10/10/10.  To celebrate, I’m having all kinds of art savings specials, including daily specials right here on my blog from 10/1 – 10/10.  Prices for my daily specials are all good through my birthday on 10/10/10.  All you have to do to buy it is leave me a comment here (or on Facebook) and I’ll be in touch!  Here’s the next special:  


How about one of my larger original watercolors mounted on canvas??  This is my abstract impression of a winter sunset on the Oregon Coast with the sunset colors at the top, a cloud/fog bank in the middle layer and the beach getting dark far below… inspired by one of my annual pilgrimages to the Oregon Coast!  “January Sunset”, watercolor (canvas-mounted), 30 x 30″. Regular price = $1,400, ten-ten-ten price = $700.

"January Sunset", watercolor (canvas-mounted), 30 x 30". Regular price = $1,400, ten-ten-ten price = $700.


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