A View From Elsewhere #2: Idaho + Boston + New Brunswick

avfe-title-tag1I’m getting some great snapshots of “elsewhere” from all over the place!  Thanks to everyone who has sent me one – I love getting these glimpses and have received quite a few emails from readers saying the same!

I’ll keep taking additional snapshots through the end of January – visit my original invitation post here.  [All photos are by the respective artists]


Jeff Hayes – Boston, Massachusetts

Visit Jeff’s blog

This was an intriguing snapshot… I like the neat row of paint tubes and shadow of a branch through the blind.  Leaves more than something to my imagination and was something I thought about while just sitting in my own studio this morning (waiting for paint to dry).  If you think that row of paints looks neat, check out Jeff’s recent blog post with a snapshot of his tidy palette!

View from Jeff's Studio, "New Year's Sun"

View from Jeff's Studio, "New Year's Sun"

 Dennis Brady – Sandpoint, Idaho

Visit Dennis’s blog

 More snow!  I actually went to high school in Sandpoint and really, really miss the beautiful winters of North Idaho (Denver is so brown these days).  Dennis must live out of town a bit to get this awesome view of snow, trees and mountains.  Dennis writes that he does his design, printing and framing from this room in his home.

View from Dennis's studio window.
View from Dennis’s studio window.

 Shayla Perreault Newcomb – New Brunswick, Canada

Visit Shayla’s blog

And more snow!  I love the contrast of this view from Shayla’s studio to the vivid colors of her art… and those shadows look so peaceful.  Shayla writes that the side view of her studio looks out over a parking lot for the theatre across the street and that it can make for some interesting people watching… but the morning she took her snapshot, it was frosted up. Her back view looks out over a garden planted at the turn of the century. It has an old apple tree, lilac and gorgeous things that show up come spring. 

View from Shayla's studio.
View from Shayla's studio.

One thought on “A View From Elsewhere #2: Idaho + Boston + New Brunswick

  1. JV January 23, 2009 / 2:11 pm

    These are great, David! I love the long winter shadows that Shayla sees in her view… my view is pretty brown and boring, but I’ll see if I can catch a cloud to send to you.

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