Key Decision: No Oregon Coast Retreat This Winter

This past weekend I made a difficult key decision: I won’t be taking my winter retreat to the Oregon coast in January/February.

My last winter retreat was to one of my favorite inspiration spots in the world – Oceanside, Oregon.  I’ve been traveling to Oceanside for over 12 years now and spent nearly 5 weeks painting there in January/February, 2007.

How can I be passing up a winter retreat this year?  Economics, I’m afraid.  This year, I purchased and opened my own studio space in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe.  My sales have been slow the last quarter of 2008 and I must stay focused on ensuring I can pay my studio mortgage and expenses.

So, since I’m very inspired by different places and must try to fulfill my need some other way, I’m setting a goal to apply to at least ten artist residency programs for 2009.  Granted, these are not usually all-expenses paid opportunities, but they typically help alot with the costs.

One resource that I’ve found helpful for researching residency opportunities is Res Artis – check it out if you’re looking for opps, too.  And, feel free to leave comments with any resources or leads you think I and my readers would be interested in!

Sleepy town of Oceanside - January, 2007
Sleepy town of Oceanside, Oregon - January, 2007
View from my "painting perch" in Oceanside - January, 2007
View from my painting perch in Oceanside - January, 2007

One thought on “Key Decision: No Oregon Coast Retreat This Winter

  1. Ellen November 18, 2008 / 11:02 am

    So sorry you won’t be out our way this year! I hope you find amazing inspiration from unexpected sources this winter~

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