The DNC and Free From my Republican Past

The Democratic National Convention is in Denver this week and there’s lots of action and energy here (check out this snapshot of my partner, Steve, with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom from yesterday!).

I thought this’d be a great time to post about a small piece of memorabilia that I came across this summer.  I’ll start by saying that I’d classify myself, my views and my values as “moderate liberal”.  But, that’s most certainly not where I came from!

My memorabilia - I was registered as a Republican in college...

I grew up in a pretty conservative family – my immediate family members have continued to drift away and to the rigid right as I’ve grown up and discovered who I am.  This, along with the fact that I just happen to be gay, has left me with little or no relationship with them at this point.  Well, they DO also all live in Idaho, so maybe there really IS something in the water up there?

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but I don’t believe in the Iraq war.  I don’t believe in spending billions of dollars that we don’t have.  I don’t believe in lowering taxes while our deficit continues to skyrocket.  I don’t believe in raping the environment to satisfy our every, selfish want.  I don’t believe that oil is the answer, now or in the future.  I don’t believe that bake sales should have to help fund our schools.  I don’t believe greed should rule our leaders, corporations or Douglas County, Colorado.

I DO believe in God, in health for all, in being good stewards of the Earth, in taxing ourselves to pay for what we buy, in equal rights for all people, in really great education for our children, in peace, in humanity and taking care of the poor, sick and old…  I also believe in the information age and I believe in the internet (and a Presidental candidate that has actually used it).

I can’t remember that day in June, 1988 when I clearly registered as a Republican.  I do remember learning from my parents that “well-off” people are Republicans.  Maybe I wanted to make sure I remained “well-off”?  You may remember from a past post that I also learned from my parents that I’d be kicked out of the family if I became a train engineer when I grew up (because I’d have to be in a “union”, which is something I knew nothing about at age 6).

So yes, I’m excited the DNC is here.  And yes, I’ll be supporting Barack Obama.  And yes, I love my tie-dye “DenverCrat” tee shirt!

My DenverCrat Tee Shirt

2 thoughts on “The DNC and Free From my Republican Past

  1. lee August 26, 2008 / 3:28 pm

    Love your blog, am a new devoted fan of your work. I am excited about the convention and I am Canadian….

  2. Ellen August 30, 2008 / 10:04 am

    As a fellow refugee from Ozark County I’m also a former Republican. You had to be one to actually vote for a candidate in local elections since no Dems ran for anything. I think I was actually a Young Republican in college—then took a year off to work for Greenpeace and never looked back.

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