Mourning a Painting I’ll Never Have…

Each year I set sales and reward goals for my art business.  For the last two years, I’ve set very aggressive sales goals that I’ve not been able to meet (and haven’t given myself many rewards).  I’ve read somewhere in my research (unfortunately I can’t remember where, although I DO remember thinking it was a credible source) that it takes 8-10 years for an “emerging” artist to become established.  I realize that “established” can mean lots of different things, but my definition includes a certain level of financial income from my sales.

In any case, this year I think I’ve set more realistic sales goals, factoring in that I’m not yet fully established (in fact, I’m only 4 years into that 8-10 years timeline).  So, I’ve met my mid-year goal and have been thinking about my reward – which is to add something to my own art collection from another artist.

Sounds like it should be fun, huh?  To actually get to purchase another artist’s creation for my home.  Well, there is a certain Denver-based artist whose art I’ve loved for quite awhile.  I even visited a recent showing of this artist’s work and picked out a favorite that I loved.  It was even well within my budget!

Unfortunately, I don’t like the artist.  I’ve introduced myself to this artist at least 5 times over the last several years and each time have never received a hint of recognition or interest that I’ve been following and loving this artist’s work for years.  I’ve even tried to create a connection with this artist… and got nothing.  No interest, no conversation, no smile.  I work hard to establish a connection with the people I meet that look at, comment on or collect my artwork.  And I like to have the same with artists whose work interests me – especially if I’m going to buy it.

So, I won’t be rewarding myself with an original piece of this particular artist’s work.  And, I’m kinda sad about it all (because I LOVE this artist’s art!).  The good news is that I also like lots of other art and the artists that have created them.  So, I bought a small piece for our home two weekends ago at the Summer Art Market (Art Students League of Denver).  I’ll post it on my blog later this week (with the artist’s permission).


One thought on “Mourning a Painting I’ll Never Have…

  1. Seth July 3, 2008 / 6:25 pm

    I totally understand what you are saying here. I have found that connecting with an artist often increases my love of their work, while finding a “dis”connection with an artist will always deter me from making a purchase. If I am going to have a piece of art in my home, and I have met the artist, I need to value the artist as much as the piece of art. Glad you found an alternative!

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