This morning I drove down to the Curtis Arts & Humanities Center in Greenwood Village to drop off artwork for the upcoming Colorado Watercolor Society’s “New Trends Exhibit”.

The Curtis Center is a great little art space, but I’ll have to say that the Cultural Arts Coordinator, Jo Cole, was just a bit unnecessarily rude to me.  She first ordered me to remove the packaging on my art and then instructed me to lean my metal-framed art up against the glass/plexi of another, larger painting.  When I voiced my concern about damaging the art, she rudely informed me that glass can’t get damaged (which is untrue for glass and VERY untrue for plexiglass).  I left not only wondering why I deserved even this minor rudeness, but concerned about how well my art would be taken care of while at the Curtis Center.

I think there is way too much rudeness in our everyday lives.  I’ve personally struggled with anger issues for many years and am sure I can further improve my interactions with others.  In fact, I will renew my personal pledge right now to be kinder and gentler to everyone I meet!

Elementals No. 9, watercolor on paper, 16 x 26 inches.  On display at the “New Trends Exhibit” at the Curtis Arts Center, May 3 – 30, 2008.