artma Fundraiser this Saturday!

As an artist, I’ve found that I donate my artwork to great organizations, resulting in raising more money than I ever donated in cash when I had a corporate paycheck coming in.  However, I firmly believe in doing some solid research on the organizations that I donate to and have learned alot about what factors are important to me.  I look for opportunities that generate a good rate of return on the value of my donated art.  I also look for organizations that appreciate the donating artists and that are non-discriminatory in their employment and charity beneficiaries.

With all of that said, this weekend is the biennial artma art auction, benefitting the Morgan Adams Memorial Neuro-Oncology research fund at the Denver Children’s Hospital.  A good artist friend alerted me to this event and I donated the painting below.  Visit the artma website for details and tickets to the event.

Purple Dusk, watercolor on paper mounted on acrylic-embellished canvas, 2007, 24 x 24 inches.


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