I sure felt depressed as I wrote my last post and came up with that haiku!  Well, I now have some good news on the renovation progress with my new studio – my understanding is that the permit issues that have delayed work for nearly 4 months have been resolved and things are expected to move forward quickly now.  I went by last Friday and took another snapshot of my space – you can see foundation work being done on the main entryway that my space is next to.  Wow!  Actual digging and pouring of concrete!

Now the bad news… I’ve had financing for purchasing this space lined up with Countrywide since last September.  They just notified me that they would be cancelling my open line of credit retro-effective to the end of January.  So, I’m starting over with securing financing and running into some resistance.  The big mortgage companies seem to be really tightening up on lending (remember not too long ago it seemed that they gave money away to anyone that could fog a mirror).  Going the commercial lending route is also problematic since the amount I need is “too small” for most programs!

I don’t think I’m ready to solicit for donations yet… but I’d be interested in a private financing option, so email me if you’re interested!

My new studio space on February 8, 2008.