Murphy Cat in her “Taco”

Many of you know that I moved my studio into our house back in late September in anticipation of moving into my NEW studio space in November.  Well, renovation construction has been delayed (several months!), so I have my studio space set up in our front sunroom (that is also under renovation).  It is working pretty well – I have enough space for my large work surface and clients seem to like coming by to check out paintings in progress and see available artwork actually hanging in a home environment.

And then there is our cat, Murphy.  She just can’t seem to resist getting up on my painting table since it is apparently a great perch for viewing all of the excitement we have going on out on the street in front of our house.  I know there are squirrels and birds out there, but also lots of dog-walking going on and passerbys of all sorts – great entertainment for a cat.

Well, after discovering Murphy one day with purple paint on her tail (and some unplanned “additionals” to one of my wet paintings-in-progress), I had to resort to discouraging her from jumping up on my work table by misting her with my studio water spray bottle.  Looks like she needs a refresher course on this lesson since I just caught her jumping down from my table.  After being naughty, she always runs and gets in her cat bed (we call it her “taco”) with a practiced “I didn’t do anything naughty” look about her.

I’m sure looking forward to having my own studio space back!

Murphy cat in her “taco” trying to look very innocent…


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