I “heart” Daniel Smith…

Well, at least I love Daniel Smith watercolor paints!  Being at the One of a Kind Exhibit in Chicago this past week reminded me of one of the questions I get asked most often, whether in my studio or at an opening or exhibit: “How do I get metallics into my original paintings?”.

Well, Daniel Smith is how.  I think that many people instinctively realize that I’m far from a traditional watercolor painter when they see my originals – just look at my abstract subjects, my unique techniques and my mounted-on-canvas presentation.  And then there are the metallics that I use both subtley and vividly in many of my paintings.  Much of what I do and how I do it is frowned upon by traditional watercolorists.

I’d guess that over 75% of my most-used watercolor paints are Daniel Smith.  His paints are very high quality and his factory colors, including his line of metallic paints, really push the edge.  One of the quirky things I like to list periodically in my studio journal is my current favorite factory colors (colors that are mixed by the factory and come out of the tube ready for direct application or mixing with other colors).  Daniel Smith paints, particularly a few metallic colors, consistently show up on my list, no matter how often I list my current favorite colors.  Here are the top 8 Daniel Smith colors that have been on my lists for several years now (see some sample paintings below):

  • Daniel Smith Moonglow
  • Daniel Smith Indanthrone Blue
  • Daniel Smith Deep Scarlet
  • Daniel Smith Iridescent Copper
  • Daniel Smith Iridescent Sunstone
  • Daniel Smith Undersea Green
  • Daniel Smith Raw Umber Violet
  • Daniel Smith Iridescent Jade

If you are a painter, you simply must try Daniel Smith metallic paints – they are available online at www.DanielSmith.com

Detail from “e19”, using Iridescent Sunstone, Goldstone, Copper and Moonglow paints.

“f37”, using Moonglow, Iridescent Copper, Deep Scarlet and Raw Umber Violet paints.

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