Left Hand Carpal Tunnel Update: Stitches Out!

I finally got the stitches out of my left hand today!  I sure was ready to get that big, puffy bandage off, but what a big baby I was at Dr. Hurley’s office – I had to lie down after they unwrapped my bandage because I nearly passed out!  Many folks know that I grew up on a farm doing all sorts of bloody things to animals, but apparently when it comes to the sight of my own blood (and there wasn’t even any blood today), I’m all woozy and faint. 

In any case – it’s all done now, but, I still won’t be able to do much with it (like not lift much weight over a few pounds) for the next month.  And, the pain since surgery with my left hand has been noticeably worse than with my right hand, so I’m having a more difficult time with it being uncomfortable to just paint.  Just think though, in two months I’ll be as good as new!  Overall I’m very excited about the success of going through the carpal tunnel release surgeries on each hand.

After getting my stitches out… I had to have a band-aid put on so I wouldn’t see my “wound”…


3 thoughts on “Left Hand Carpal Tunnel Update: Stitches Out!

  1. Jessica McCarthy October 26, 2008 / 6:17 pm

    Hi David!
    I wrote to you about 2 months ago now I guess and had some questions about your carpal tunnel surgeries, as I was having my right hand done first Sept. 24th…I received an email reply from you that I deleted by accident, not having the chance to read it!! I have obviously since had the right carpal tunnel release surgery done, and am still experiencing tons of discomfort??? It’s been just 4 1/2 weeks now, I thought I’d feel much better….tissue around where the incision is, is still very hard and swollen. Wondering if you had a similar experience? I still can’t even open up jars, the strength just isn’t there yet. In due time I would assume!
    Looking forward to your reply, that I WILL NOT delete this time!!
    BTW — I too was faint when the nurse took off my cast 1 week post op! You’re not alone there!!
    Best regards,

    Jessica McCarthy

  2. Chandra Free November 12, 2008 / 9:25 am

    thank you for sharing your stories on your surgeries.

    I too am suffering from carpal tunnel, and considering surgery. I’m a comic book artist, and i’m scared to take this step…

    I was wondering how long it took you to fully recover with both your hands?

    Thank you for sharing, and thank you for any help you can provide. [if you could email me, that would be lovely, if not i understand.]


  3. http://yahoo.com February 10, 2013 / 8:39 pm

    How did u actually pick up the suggestions to write ““Left Hand Carpal Tunnel Update: Stitches Out!
    David Castle Art”? Thanks a lot ,Annmarie

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