Accepted to G8, but Not Able to Deliver…

I received really great news last week – my original painting “Autumn Smiling” has been accepted to the Great 8 Exhibition sponsored by the Kansas Watercolor Society and held annually at The Wichita Center for the Arts.  This is another great national exhibition, on par with the Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition (that I had a painting also accepted to this year).  Unfortunately, I’ve just determined that I won’t be able to deliver my painting to the exhibition…

Autumn Smiling, watercolor on paper, 22 x 30″ (lots of great metallic gold/copper highlights in the trees).

As it turns out, I didn’t double check with the gallery that has this painting to ensure that it was available.  This is a large, major painting of mine in this particular gallery, so I never thought it wouldn’t be available – I mean, no one has called me up to tell me that it had sold!  Well, it had – sort of.  Apparently it had been sold quite awhile ago to someone on a sort of “payment plan”.  Meaning, the painting was no longer in the gallery and the buyer was making payments over a period of time.

Well, I contacted the gallery and tried to work something out with the buyer (loan it to the Exhibition and if it sold, I’d create a more fabulous commission painting to replace it).  No go.  So, later this week I’ll have the joy of calling up The Wichita Center for the Arts to tell them my painting won’t be there.  And, to cap it off as my biggest mistake of the year, the normal “punishment” for not delivering a selected painting is that I’ll not be eligible to submit entries for this Exhibition for the next two years.

I’d love to have closer communication with my galleries on activity with “major” paintings they have, but I really should have double-checked with them before entering this painting.  I’m extremely disappointed, but am really responsible for this mess – sure a great example of learning my lesson the hard way!

I do have this painting available as a Limited Edition print, complete with optional hand-applied metallic watercolor highlights, so let me know if you’d like one for yourself… it seems to be quite popular at the moment!


3 thoughts on “Accepted to G8, but Not Able to Deliver…

  1. toni October 2, 2007 / 9:10 am

    What a shame they would not work out a deal with you. I work in a gallery two days a week and we don’t contact the artist either when a painting is put in lay-a way. Not sure what a good solution would be.
    Perhaps have it in your contract with your gallery that they notify you when a piece is put on lay-a-way

  2. barb October 2, 2007 / 2:06 pm

    Doesn’t sound as if this gallery was very communicative with you. If the owner had notified you when it was sold, or put on the payment plan, that would have been so helpful to you.

    Your art is fantastic, and there are other good shows to apply to, and the two years will go by quickly.

  3. Beth from Avenue Z October 3, 2007 / 6:47 am


    Ugh. The same kind of thing happened to me once when I sent the same short story to two different literary magazines. The lesser of the two magazines snapped it up quickly, but the really good magazine sent me a note six months later that they wanted it! Ugh. That killed me, so I know exactly how you’re feeling.

    It’s wonderful to realize you were accepted. It’s horrible to realize you’re the only one who knows. (Except, of course, for your loyal blog followers).

    Congrats anyway. You should be very proud.


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