My original art trade with artist Janet Fons

Earlier this summer, after a few years of talking about it, a good artist friend of mine – Janet Fons – and I traded paintings.  I met Janet at an art marketing workshop several years ago and we became friends as we both launched our art careers.  We both chose paintings to swap just in the nick of time as Janet recently moved to St. Louis.  Below I’ve included a snapshot of the paintings we swapped – be sure to visit Janet’s website to view more of her wonderful oil pastels!

Blue Stream II, oil pastel, 18×12″ by Janet Fons.

Jewels Painting, watercolor on paper, mounted on acrylic-embellished canvas, 18×24″ by David Castle.


One thought on “My original art trade with artist Janet Fons

  1. Beth from Avenue Z September 26, 2007 / 12:35 pm

    I’m fascinated by this idea, David. When I lived in Philadelphia, one of my favorite yearly events was a city-wide artist studio open house. I was enthralled by the variation among the artists. It seemed almost impossible that each one could have such a different vision of art. And your idea of exchanging art with an artist seems like it would inspire you both.

    Hmmm. Perhaps I could find a copywriter who would like to exchange brochures? Nah. Probably not.

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