5 Interview Questions from S.L. Peterson: Answer #2 re: music

Question #2:  What kind of music (if any) do you listen to in the studio?

Music is a significant source of inspiration for me while I paint, and I am almost always listening to something while painting (typically on my iPod).  I love quite a range of music – from classical to contemporary Christian to country.  I typically load my iPod with a random playlist from the music on my PC, but also have several “favorites” playlists that I’ll load up when I really want to get into my zone of music that inspires and focuses my painting.  Some of the artists on my favorites playlist are:  Michael W. Smith, HEM, Enya, George Winston, Dido, Alex Grant, Dixie Chicks, Keane and Rufus Wainwright.

I think audio stimulation is fascinating… I know artists that work in silence and at least one who likes watching Jerry Springer while painting!  For me, music helps me focus and get closer to what I’m doing and the different components involved: color, water, air, gravity, paper, brush, rocks….

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