Purple (and magenta) Elementals… for a triptych.

I’ve been working on a large commission painting for an art-collecting couple here in Denver.  I’m working in purples and magenta for the entire painting.  This is one of my first large paintings that I will cut (yes, CUT) into three pieces once I’m finished and mount each piece on a narrow stretched canvas (each canvas panel will be 50×19″).  And, I’ll then hang them as a triptych in my collectors’ home.  I’m a little nervous about “cutting day” when I’ll actually cut the completed painting into three parts, but am really excited to mount each piece on canvas and see the results.  I’ll certainly post a snapshot when it is completed!

Purple and Magenta Elementals painting this morning before I
started painting for the day.

Elementals detail from yesterday.  The magenta is actually
guache in case you’re wondering how I achieved such a vivid color.


One thought on “Purple (and magenta) Elementals… for a triptych.

  1. chewy May 17, 2007 / 12:16 pm

    That is a very large watercolor! I like the curving lines. Each square is beautiful by itself. I’ll be back to check your progress.

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