Mini Watercolor Studies…

I came across an interesting artist blog this week –  I loved looking at Chewy’s almost daily posting of studies she has been creating lately.  It actually reminded me of some mini studies I did awhile ago and found during my studio move.  I had several more, but could only find these two in autumn colors.

Autumn Study 1 – watercolor on paper

Autumn Study 2 – watercolor on paper


One thought on “Mini Watercolor Studies…

  1. chewy April 18, 2007 / 5:39 pm

    David, Thanks for coming back and leaving the link. I am temporarily on a slowly phone line for the next week. I saw your most recent posts of the watercolors. Cool, they are similar to some of what I am doing. Reminds me of calligraphy. There’s more at your site I want to explore. Especially the fossils and techniques, but it was taking forever to load. I’ll be back at a later when I can get to dsl or cable.


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