Visit to Florida…

I visited Florida with Steve for a long weekend to visit his Mom.  South Florida (we were in Boca Raton) sure has changed over the last 20 years (even the last 5 years!).  We had a great visit, spent a morning on the beach, went to an arts and crafts fair in Delray, bought some local orange blossom honey, and generally soaked up the heat, humidity and humanity.  One of my favorite snapshots was of the baby pineapple growing in Steve’s Mom’s front yard – it was so cute!

Me and the baby pineapple.

I think for me, Florida is a great place to visit, but just too much of everything in a pretty small space.  As usual though, I pick up on colors from the places I visit – so I was very inspired by some of the South Florida colors (especially the colors of the Atlantic as we flew over the beaches around Boca and Ft. Lauderdale) and created a few mini Fossils in blues and greens.  What do you think?  Do these make you think of the blues and greens of the South Florida Atlantic?

Two mini Fossils (5×5″) in some South Florida-inspired colors.

Detail on one of the 5×5’s… bright highlights are silver and moonglow metallics.

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