I finished moving today… I expected to finish by early afternoon, which I did, but didn’t expect the 8″ of snow we had when I woke up this morning.  Makes me think of a quote I overheard last week at my doctor’s office: “Kathy Sabine is a liar!”.  I don’t think I’d go quite that far, but it wasn’t supposed to start raining (with snow only a possibility) until later this afternoon…

This was at 7:30am this morning… I still had lots to move!

I think I’m too tired from moving to think much about my old space now – it was a good space to create.  I really look forward to getting things settled in my new space at 4 Art Studios, though, and on to creating more art!

Last item to move – my “ponder” chair where I often sit to ponder my paintings.


2 thoughts on “Gone

  1. Sue and Joey March 30, 2007 / 8:15 am

    David – we’re excited to see your new space and we love the Oregon 10×10 painting we purchased. As for the weather folks being liars, yes, they’re not the most accurate people!

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