One of my Fossils wins an award!

Remember me reporting back in December that several of my abstract watermedia originals had been selected for a variety of art exhibits?  Well, one of my best works (and favorites), Fossils in My Favorite Colors, was selected for the Arizona Aqueous XXII exhibit at the Tubac Center for the Arts in Tubac, AZ.  And, juror Elizabeth Yarosz-Ash selected my painting for a Special Award of Recognition (which includes a cash prize)!  Wow! 

The annual Arizona Aqueous Exhibition is one of the top watermedia exhibitions in the country, so this is quite an achievement and honor for me.  At my open studio at Andenken Gallery this past weekend, several folks asked me about what “favorite” colors I used in this painting.  I used greens (moss green and chromium oxide), coppers (bright metallic and antique) and deep blues (Payne’s grey, indanthrone and indigo).  I love lots of colors, but these truely are my favorites.  Oh, and the rock I used to create the large copper fossil shape in the middle is a 25-pounder with a 10″ diameter!

Fossils in My Favorite Colors
Fossils in My Favorite Colors, watercolor on paper mounted on acrylic-embellished canvas, 30 x 30″.

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