More on Oregon Agates…

Here are a few more pictures from my almost daily trips over to Agate Beach.  I’ve collected lots of agates over the years (like most visitors), but now am on the hunt for unique painting rocks.  I can’t help but pick up the agates, though… they’re like little jewels in the sand!

View of the tunnel to Agate Beach from “my” side.

Tunnel to Agate Beach.

Agate amoungst the rocks…. just to the left of the large rock in the middle.

Agates apparently are loosened from larger rocks like these – see all the “pits”? 

A few agates I collected this morning – maybe I’ll create a Fossils using all agates!


One thought on “More on Oregon Agates…

  1. jeff January 25, 2007 / 6:14 pm

    david,thanks for the continued updates on your painting and Oregon trip. The coast looks amazing and I love what you’re painting so far. Please continue to share your adventures!

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