Oregon Coast Special Art Offer

I’m on my way to the Oregon Coast!  I’ll be painting with fresh inspiration from the rugged coast and winter storms for just over a month this year.  And, I’d like to extend a special offer to my blog readers and art lovers to purchase an original watercolor in my Elementals or Fossils style that I’ll create while on the coast.

Elementals in Blue and Green

Elementals in Blue and Green, watercolor on paper, 27 x 27″

Each painting will be approximately 10 x 10″ (unmatted, unframed) and is priced at $100 (1/2 regular price!).  I’ll be working in my most popular palettes of reds, purples and metallic golds and coppers.  I’ll also be painting in new colors inspired by the rugged and lush Oregon Winter coast: vivid purples, rich blues, shades of white, greys, silvers and blacks, and lush greens.

To order your original, send me an email with your request, specifying one or two colors you’d like me to work with.  Follow that with a check made out to me for $100 mailed to my studio address (2110 Market St, Studio #1, Denver, CO  80205).  After I return to Denver, you will have a choice of several originals I created by visiting my studio in person or by viewing snapshots I email to you.

I guarantee you’ll love your Oregon Coast inspired art or I’ll send your money back!  Visit the Original Art section on my website for more examples of my Elementals and Fossils.

9 thoughts on “Oregon Coast Special Art Offer

  1. carrie January 15, 2007 / 8:23 am


    You may not know how much I love your work after my current struggle with purchasing Purple Days 2, but I do wish you a wonderful time on the coast with lots of inspiration and relaxation!

  2. Peter & Philip January 15, 2007 / 9:14 am

    We hope your trip to Oregon is a time for creativity and for relaxation. Perhaps a trip to Chicago can be an inspiration sometime as well. It sounds as though you are doing well and we hope to be in Denver for a visit soon.
    best – Peter, Philip

  3. Ellen January 15, 2007 / 10:31 am

    I love your blog! And I especially love my ornament–it’s so incredibly beautiful and will absolutely be part of my year round decor. Call me when you come to Portland! I can’t wait to see you~

  4. April January 15, 2007 / 10:39 am

    David – I’ve emailed you as well but put me down for two of these Oregon paintings. I’m saving one for Valentine’s Day and one as a treat for myself!

  5. Nancy Perales January 15, 2007 / 12:05 pm

    David – I love your Oregon painting idea. Count me in for one of the paintings. I’m thinking about giving it to Michael for his office. Unless, of course, I like it too much and keep it for myself. I’m currently looking at “e4” and can’t bring myself to put it in a box and ship it to Albuquerque. Decisions, decisions. Have a great journey.

  6. Jared Van Doorn January 15, 2007 / 4:33 pm


    I hope your visit to Oregon is productive-oh how it is to be surrounded by inspirational images. I cannot wait to see the new work as I am sure it will be beautiful.

    Also, I am enjoying my little treasure from you daily-thank you again. All the best!

  7. Mary January 19, 2007 / 8:25 am

    David – What a great, inspiring idea – to paint on the coast at this time of year. Please count me in for two of your paintings!! Have a wonderful time.

  8. Joe Niccoli January 31, 2007 / 1:09 pm

    David-Steve sent me the link to your site. Your works are beautiful. I can see how the Oregon coast would be a source of inspiration. The pictures of it that you posted on your site are incredible. Enjoy your stay up there.

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