Mini Abstracts that got me started…

I’ve been working on my 2007 planning this week and got a kick out of  looking back on some of the mini abstracts I created in December, 2002 – 4 years ago, during the transition to my full-time art career.  Many of these mini watercolors became open edition fine art prints and notecard images.  Here are two minis that are still favorites of mine at the end of 2006 – nearly four years later.  Happy New Year!

Signature Square

“Signature Square Abstract”, watercolor on paper, 2 x 3″

 Winter Abstract a

“Winter Abstract a”, watercolor on paper, 3 x 4″


One thought on “Mini Abstracts that got me started…

  1. Lori Witzel February 23, 2007 / 6:14 pm

    Found you through Lisa Call’s blog — and these have such an oversized presence for being so small! What a fine thing to share — thanks.


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