And while the paint dries…

Today, my first day back in the studio since before Christmas, had me painting furiously on several in-progress originals.  When I’m away from my studio, I often paint “in my head”, actually working out design, technique and color issues that I then tackle when I’m back in my studio.  I clearly had lots worked out in my head because by mid-afternoon, all of my flat painting surfaces (I have 3 large tables right now) were full of drying paintings.  I’m working on really “puddle-y” stuff right now, so nothing could be moved to make more room to work.

Then it started to snow and I found myself sitting on my studio floor watching it snow and thinking about my desire to get my art in front of (and in the home of) everyday people.  I quickly felt completely deflated (maybe the Rufus Wainwright on my iPod contributed).  And really depressed.  This year, I had thought alot about getting people’s attention with my art and offering my art as an alternative to the cookie-cutter-made-in-China trinkets offered by the big-box stores.  Wouldn’t people be drawn to an original piece of art that is unlike anything else in all of God’s creation, rather than a decorative item that every Pottery Barn in the country has hundreds of?

I thought about this “attention-getting” a year ago when I created my marketing plan, my event schedule and my charity donations.  I thought about it in my interactions with art collectors and passers-by, my correspondance and collaborations.  And today, as I watched my puddles of paint dry and the snow fall, I really felt like I had made minimal impact with most of the people that have been exposed to my art throughout the year.

Some of my big puddles of paint take up to two days to dry – gives me alot of time to think about making a bigger (and better) impact in 2007.


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