Original Art Ornaments

I’ve been busy creating something new this Season… original art ornaments.  Not just for the tree (although they look great on my tree), I’m hoping my art collectors and “allies-in-art” that I’ve sent these to this month won’t pack them away with the holiday decorations, but find a place to keep them around all year.


Several folks have asked me how I’ve made these, so here are a few snapshots of them in progress from my studio.

I use solid wood blocks that are approximately 3 x 3″ and wrap them “gift style” in 10 oz. cotton pre-gessoed canvas.  Six staples (hidden by overlapping flaps) and acrylic matte medium for the glue attaches the canvas to the blocks.


I then paint each block with several coats of acrylic paint – using mostly metallic golds, coppers and reds.  I usually “spritz” the last coat of red with water to soften and blend with the metallic undercoats.


After the acrylic dries, I mount mini watercolors on paper that have been sealed with a spray varnish to each side, again with acrylic matte medium as the glue.  After that’s dry, I seal the whole thing with a gloss acrylic varnish, and attach a hook and ribbon to finish.


I’ve had a great time working out how to create these and sending them out to over 30 of my art collectors and allies-in-art!

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